You have probably seen fundraising campaigns like “Race for the Cure” or similar, and the cure is for a cure to cancer or AIDS or any number of diseases.

I think bloggers would be a great group of people for a charity to target. And there’s no marathon to run, just fingers to move on the keyboard! Bloggers get readers to “sponsor” them, then the sponsors donate based on how many posts the blogger made over a certain period of time (like a particular month). Likely sponsors would be blog readers who already enjoy their blog and would love to see the blogger post more often to their blog. In a way, it’s sorta similar to World Vision’s 30-hour famine, where kids would walk around the neighborhood, get sponsors and, if they did the famine where they went without food for 30 hours, they could collect that sponsorship money from their sponsors and turn it in to World Vision to help the poor.

Blogcritics organized what they called a “blog for a cure” to diabetes, which was just an call for bloggers to post about diabetes during the month of November to raise general awareness about the disease. That’s a start, but I’m wanting something that directly raises money that can be used to fund disease research. That’s a lot more practical result than just a thousand more posts about a disease floating around in cyberspace that wouldn’t have been there otherwise.


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