Wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing if the Charter for Compassion spread like wildfire. TED Prize winner Karen Armstrong did an amazing thing, bringing together religious leaders from across the globe. Input for the Charter came from thousands of people in more than 100 countries, then the Council of Conscience (which includes Tariq Ramadan, Rabbi Read More →

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Electric cars don’t have to be boxy, ugly little tin cans. They can be sporty. And responsive. Like 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds. Without the hassle of having to wait until the battery is depleted before charging it further. And with the ability to charge it anywhere there’s a regular electrical outlet. The future Read More →


Many people are concerned with the plight of the Tibetan people, particularly now that Tibet’s level of protest has risen dramatically during the Beijing Olympic games. The problem is the Chinese government’s manufactured illusion of freedom and acceptable level of human rights, and is compounded by its relentless anti-Tibet PR campaign. So what can concerned Read More →


I would love to see an “Instruction Book for Saving the Planet” wiki where visitors could share ideas, tips, concerns, etc. on the wiki in a structured sort of way. Somebody should (The Google Foundation perhaps?) commission some of the smartest minds to seed the wiki with some initial content, because it is very hard Read More →


You have probably seen fundraising campaigns like “Race for the Cure” or similar, and the cure is for a cure to cancer or AIDS or any number of diseases. I think bloggers would be a great group of people for a charity to target. And there’s no marathon to run, just fingers to move on Read More →


Not long ago I read the book The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson. It really got me thinking about the future of profound changes we are going to see in our lifetime through impending advances in nanotechnology. The virtual world of Second Life is hugely popular with gamers. It would be interesting to create a Read More →

It would be fascinating to get a conversation going between President Jimmy Carter and the head of the Google Foundation, Larry Brilliant. President Carter has some amazing ideas for making the world a better place and Google Foundation has the means to achieve it with the funding from Google Inc. I would love for them Read More →

There are some do-gooder websites out there that have signed up for a number of affiliate programs and when you go to their website first then click through on one of their affiliate links to make your purchase, they give the lion’s share of the affiliate commission to charity. iGive is an example of such Read More →