In addition to Google’s AdSense network there are a number of other competing networks, including Yahoo Publisher Network, Kanoodle BrightAds, etc. It would be great to see a competitor to AdSense where all of the proceeds went to charity. I’m imagining a network called AdsForGood or something like that. The company that operated the network Read More →

Some years ago my wife submitted an editorial to our local newspaper, the Wisconsin State Journal. It spoke out against the plan for a company headquarters building to be erected in our neighborhood right along the lake which would have necessitated the demolition of the neighborhood of houses, including the one we were renting. Her Read More →

I would like to see all the contextual advertising networks like Google AdSense, YPN (Yahoo Publishing Network), Chitika, etc. have an option where, instead of getting a check or electronic payment to your bank account, you could donate your revenue earnings directly to a charity of your choice. Does anybody know if an ad network Read More →

For those of you not familiar with lead singer of U2, Bono’s “Product Red,” it is a wonderful charitable initiative to help fight AIDS in Africa. (More about “Red” from the BBC and from Blog Red.) Bono has already signed up some stellar brands as partners, including American Express, Gap, Converse and Giorgio Armani. American Read More →

Every once in a while I enjoy watching an episode of Unsolved Mysteries. I have yet to recognize any of the evil-doers portrayed in the show, but I just find it particularly fascinating to watch how they tracked down the ones aired on previous episodes. I was also reading in a newspaper not too long Read More →

A lot of people own multiple domain names and never end up using them all. Or their plans change and they no longer want their domain. Eventually you might let your domains expire. When that happens, domainers or MFA (Made For AdSense) site operators snap up the domains and stick porn or spam on those Read More →